Grace Baby&Child – the touch of affection


This story has many ingredients and, definitely, love is one of them. Grace Baby&Child is one of the most talented names for children’s and home’s clothing and now joins We Are Toddler brand´s portfolio with an extraordinary selection of products. Ana Peixoto Almeida, businesswoman and the mother of two girls, launched a project which honour’s  the quality of the materials used, mostly due to the family tradition in the textile industry, and to the power of the infinite bonds that join mother and daughters.


Grace Baby&Child has a careful selection of items with vintage and classic details, super trendy, with a touch of freshness, but at the same time inspired by tradition. All the pieces – in cotton, jersey, linen, flannel, velvet or wool – are designed and manufactured in Portugal, in limited quantities, by a group of local partners. We said that love is one of the main ingredients but, in fact, we can add thoughtfulness, simplicity and attention to details.

Grace Baby&Child is coming soon to our online store!